Polished Concreting in Doncaster

Polished concrete is a customizable material made from stunning quartz, aggregates, and colours to curate sophistication in homes and commercial structures. It has a reflective surface that gives an evocative quality under the light. The benefits of installing polished concrete are far and wide. Here’s a list of some of them:


Depending on the complexity of a project, polished concreting in Doncaster can be cost-effective. The polished floor can cost as little as $2 a square foot to $30 a square foot. You’ll not spend as much in installing, especially if you have an existing concrete slab ready for staining, polishing, or applying the decorative coating.

They are durable, and the only time you can replace them is when you get tired of them. This is truer when you conduct regular maintenance on the floors. Who doesn’t want to save those coins? Installing polished concrete has proved to be money-saving.


A Variety of Design Options

You have many design options to choose from; there are endless colours and textures you can incorporate into the process. The good thing about it is that when these colours and textures are simulated, they create a more stunning look than their pricier counterparts. You can also give it a personal touch, for instance, adding decorative engraving and stencil graphics to the surface.

Slip, Chemical, and Thermal Shock Resistant

Concrete surfaces are usually slippery when exposed to moisture. However, it can be sealed with a non-slip epoxy coating that adds texture and prevents injury due to falls. You can also seal them with chemical-resistant epoxy coating to prevent them from being porous, which leaves them susceptible to chemical corrosion. Furthermore, a thermal shock-resistant coating is applied to prevent disbandment, cracks, bubbles, delamination when the flooring is subjected to hot water.

Static Dissipative

Unsealed concrete can have anti-static tendencies, but it can depend on the moisture level; therefore, making it unreliable. Innovative Polished Concrete will apply an anti-static coating that prevents static discharge that can damage items that are sensitive to static charge. Additionally, polished concrete does not have harsh volatile organic substances like synthetic and vinyl carpets, hardwood, and hardwood floors.


Properly sealed concrete is resistant to water. The polish applied to concrete acts as a barrier, which prevents contaminants from gaining entry to the concrete. Moreover, the coating will also protect the concrete from microbial. The polished concrete shouldn’t have crevices and cracks that can harbour dirt and stains..

Working with Innovative Polished Concrete for Quality Service 

If you’re interested in installing polished concrete to your home or commercial buildings in Doncaster, going for a reputed firm that meets your maintenance and aesthetic requirement is essential. Innovative Polished Concrete is better placed with over 15 years of experience to provide the best service each time.

We have the necessary insurance covers for all our contractors to ensure that you’re not liable to unexpected costs in case of damage or injury. Reach out to us at 0460-347-103 for this and other related services. We’re here to serve you.



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