Polished Concreting Warrandyte

In Warrandyte, if it’s good quality flooring you need then look no further than Innovative Polished Concrete. Our quality standards are unparalleled in the entire region and our reputation speaks for itself. Our small but efficient team of flooring experts is standing by to put the final touch on your home.

When it comes to simplistic beauty and style, you can never go wrong with a well-laid polished concrete floor. Its other attributes such as durability, low maintenance, and hygiene are just a bonus.

Residential and Commercial Flooring

At Innovative Polished Concrete, we have something to offer both residential and commercial clients. Whether the project is for your brand new home, or you are thinking of spicing things up with some renovations, we will help you pick out the best floor for your needs. Our team will use our expertise, to leave you with a polished floor you will be proud to show off.

We specialize in office, retail, and warehouse flooring as well, sacrificing a little bit of style in favour of practicality and durability.


Our Range of Polished Concrete Floors

With all these wonderful choices to choose from, you will be forgiven for feeling a bit undecided. Below, we will briefly touch on each option to give you a better idea of what we are offering.

  • Polished Concrete Premium Finish

Nothing says classy and modern like a well laid-out polished concrete premium finish. The beauty and style will make your room a pleasant place to be. This type of floor is suitable for all types of locations offering a beautiful, low-maintenance, and scratch-resistant flooring solution.

  • Surface Polish Industrial Premium Finish

When it comes to industrial solutions, its durability is most important and that is what you will get from a Surface Polish Industrial Premium Finish. The advantage is you still get the classic good looks that will set apart your showroom or retail outlet.

  • Grind and Seal

As the most economical option on our list, Grind and Seal have the same beautiful look as a premium finish, but the durability is significantly less.

  • Acid Etching Premium Outdoor Finish

Hydrochloric acid is used to treat ground concrete, and then a coat of clear sealer is applied. This option is quite suitable for footpaths, driveways and pool surrounds among others.

  • Epoxy Classic Commercial Finish

Epoxy is achieved by mixing two liquid components, a resin and a hardener creating a classical-looking floor. This is a very versatile floor that is popular with retail surfaces.

Floor Preparation and Levelling 

We follow a strict 10 step process when preparing your floors to ensure the highest standards in quality and durability. This can include demolition and tile and glue removal.

Why Choose Innovative Polished Concrete 

When choosing a floor for your home, you do not want to compromise on quality because nothing is more frustrating than re-doing your floors due to poor workmanship. We guarantee that you will end up with a beautiful and durable floor that you will enjoy for a long time to come.

If you are in Warrandyte, do not hesitate to call us at 0460 347 193.



About Us

Innovative Polished Concrete are a small, close-knit team of polished concrete experts with over 15 years of concrete flooring experience, who operate throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

We pride ourselves on experince, quality, service and value.

All work is covered under warranty, and we’re fully insured allowing you to enjoy total peace of mind.


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