Polished Concreting Knox

Polished concrete is simple to describe. You have a heavy-duty grinding process, which gets concrete to a certain level of smoothness and shine that’s desirable to a customer.

As straightforward as that may sound, you do require an expert service provider for polished concreting in Knox. So, here’s a quick look at a couple of high-level insights on the service, as well as all the information you need on the right place to get it done.

Why Polished Concrete?

The answer to this question differs if you are a residential or commercial customer. On the residential side, you want more cost savings, less vulnerability to damage, ease of cleaning, and availability in a series of design choices to fit whatever aesthetic you are trying to create.

On the commercial side of the fence, cost savings make a return. However, the objectives differ as you may want greater resistance to foot traffic, a longer shelf life, less moisture transmission problems, a lack of a requirement for hazardous adhesives or cleaners, and probably high light reflectivity.

Admittedly, this is quite a bit, but if you get your polished concreting in Knox done correctly, you can gain all of it and more on both ends of the spectrum.

Technically speaking, whether your concrete floor appears old or new, it can be polished once it is sturdy and the proper preparation methods are put into place. Of course, a part of the professional package is determining how suitable your floor is for the polishing process.


Where Can You Use Polished Concrete?

While a case can be made for polished concrete applications in various areas, some of the more common ones include forms, hotels, automotive showrooms, and a host of business places with high foot traffic, such as restaurants.

Design Customization

Design customization is certainly one of the biggest driving factors for the love of polished concrete. After all, the process is expected to end with a smooth and stunning look. However, it goes beyond that.

Now, you can start to take advantage of scoring, grids, borders, colour, dye, etc. Remember that the initial process is already quite an enhancement. Therefore, when you add all this to the equation, it goes over the moon.

Additionally, considering that the process is a modular one, different decisions and actions can be taken at various steps, creating quite the finished product. At the end of it all, you should have something that appeals to you visually, as well as something that meets your maintenance requirements.

Where to Get Polished Concreting Done in Knox

Now that you have a better base of knowledge where the service is concerned, where should you look for Polish concreting in Knox? The only real answer to this question is innovative polished concrete.

With over 15 years of concrete flooring experience, many satisfied customers have been created thanks to the tremendous efforts of a close-knit team of experts. There is an intense focus on service, value, quality, and experience. 

There is no better option if you want to create a truly visually stunning concrete floor. Note that everything done is covered under warranty, and full insurance guarantees the lack of a need to worry. Reach out with an email now for a free quote or call at 0460 347 193.



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