Polished Concrete Frequently Asked Questions

If you are after a truly eye-catching and functional polished concrete floor, we can help you with our extensive range of polished floor options and services.

We are experts in polishing concrete floors. Meticulous floor preparation is the key to a quality finish, and this is where we excel! We use only the most state-of-the-art equipment; our quality and workmanship are second to none and we are meticulous in all that we do to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Where possible we use eco-friendly products to help protect you and the environment.

Not sure on the type of polished concrete floor you are after? Whether it be an outdoor polished concrete area, a polished concrete kitchen floor, polished concrete floors in bathrooms, a polished concrete garage floor, or even a polishes concrete driveway Innovative Polished Concrete can help. We explain the polished concrete options available to you and we are with you all the way from the very first contact to the completion of all works.

All work is covered under warranty, and we’re fully insured allowing you to enjoy total peace of mind.

What is polished concrete?

Polished is a 15+ step process, we begin by grinding the concrete to the desired stone exposure we then follow with a two-part grouting process.

The concrete is then chemically treated and polished to the desired gloss it is then sealed with a penetrating sealer and buffed.

Can all concrete be polished?
Almost all concrete can be polished however in some rare circumstances we may recommend an alternative finish.
Does polished concrete last a long time?
In a residential setting well looked after polished concrete can last upwards of 15 years.
Will my polished concrete be cold?

Polished concrete has good thermal mass qualities which allow it to hold a warm temperature, generally speaking, it is no colder than tiles.

Is polished concrete hygienic?
Polished concrete floors are a great flooring alternative for anyone who suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.
What happens if my polished concrete floor becomes damaged?

Polished concrete compared to grind and seal is easier and more cost-effective to repair, this is because we are able to limit repairs to a localised area rather than resurfacing the entire floor.

How much does polished concrete cost?
Polished concrete is competitive on price compared to other premium flooring finishes the price can vary based on quality, size of the area and access.
Will my polished concrete floor stain if I spill something on it?

Polished concrete is a highly stain resistant flooring option, unless a spill is neglected for days polished concrete will not stain.

However, there are some chemicals such as bleach and citrus cleaners that can cause damage to the surface.

How do I clean my polished concrete floor?

Polished concrete is very easy to clean usually dry mopping cleans adequately for a deep clean you can use a ph. neutral cleaner which we can recommend.

Can you polish concrete outdoors?

Polished concrete, like most surfaces, can be slippery when wet. For a premium outdoor finish, we recommend acid etching or grind and seal.

What is acid etching?
Acid etching is the premium outdoor finish where the concrete is ground to full exposure and etched with hydrochloric acid and then sealed.
How long will acid etching last?
Depending on the area acid etched concrete can last upwards of five years.
Why is acid etching better than exposed aggregate?
When the concrete is ground and etched the stones will have a smooth feel underfoot whilst maintaining great slip resistance and a more high-end look.
Is etching my concrete necessary?

For wet areas, we highly recommend acid etching. In patios and alfresco areas grind and seal may suffice.

What is a grind and seal?

Grind and seal is the process where the floor is ground to the desired stone exposure cutting out low spots and imperfections before being sealed with a topical sealer, three different gloss levels can be achieved, matt, satin and high gloss.

How long does a grind and seal last?
Indoor and outdoor can vary usually a grind and seal will last upwards of five years.
How do I clean my grind and seal?
Your grind and seal can be cleaned with a sweep and mop similar to wooden or tiled surfaces.
Can I repair my grind and seal?
Grind and seals are more difficult to repair than polished concrete because the sealer sits on the surface you will often have to redo the entire room or floor.

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If you are after a truly eye-catching and functional polished concrete floor,
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