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Looking for polished concrete Melbourne?

Innovative Polished Concrete specialise in polished concrete floors throughout Melbourne.

Polished concrete is a stunning choice for residential, commercial and industrial floors combining the durability of concrete with the stunning aesthetic appeal of natural stone.

Polished concrete floors offer durability, low maintenance and are both hygienic and environmentally friendly.

Not only will polished concrete stand the test of time, it can add significant style and value, guaranteed to enhance and set apart from others
the design and look of any home or commercial property.

Residential Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are a popular choice for many architects and interior designers.

Not only are polished concrete floors are becoming increasingly popular in new homes, but also in older homes, or for renovations where a more modern, visually appealing floor is sought. In older houses, existing concrete slabs can be ground and polished to create a stunning visual look with the polished concrete floor showing any natural variations and characteristics of the old concrete.

What’s more, polished concrete floors cost less than you would expect!

Commercial Polished Concrete Floors

If you are after something truly eye-catching, functional and practical with a stunning look for commercial or industrial use, then a polished concrete floor may be the ideal choice.

Whether it’s for an office, warehouse, showroom, commercial kitchen, or retail store, Innovative Polished Concrete can help you.

Why Choose Innovative Polished Concrete?





Innovative Polished Concrete are a small, close-knit team of polished concrete experts, with over 15 years of concrete flooring experience, who operate throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

We treat every customer individually, taking pride in all that we do. We explain the polished concrete options available to you and are with you all the way from the very first contact, to the completion of all works.

We use only the most state-of-the-art equipment; our quality and workmanship are second to none and we are meticulous in all that we do to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Where possible, we use eco-friendly products to help protect you and the environment.

All work is covered under warranty, and we’re fully insured allowing you to enjoy total peace of mind.

Whether your renovating, building your dream home or looking for a durable long-lasting flooring solution for your commercial property, we can help you achieve your polished concrete goals.

Polished Concrete Melbourne

If you are after a truly eye-catching and functional polished concrete floor,
we can help you.


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Our Happy Customers


“The professional way the guys from Innovative Polished Concrete conducted themselves and explained how they would work in my house with my floors was the reason I chose them. I’m glad I did WOW, what a finish, the floors look stunning! Happy to recommend to anyone looking for stunning polished floors”

Nigel & Kristy
Ringwood East


“Innovative Polished Concrete provided a great service from start to finish. They delivered every promise not skipping on quality and providing fantastic value”



“The polished concrete floors look fantastic and thanks for such a professional job!”

Sui Lee & Jun


“When getting quotes for polished concrete floors as part of our renovation, Kaine & Thomas impressed us with thier experience and knowledge. If anything, it was his work ethic and meticulous attention to detail that won us over. We now love our 18-year-old floors and it has added a new lease of life into our home. The floors look fantastic! Thanks, guys for an expert job and for the helpful advice. We love your work!”

Jenny & Peter


“Getting polished concrete floors in the  family room getting was the best move I made during my home renovation, the second best was hiring Innovative Polished Concrete to do it…thanks guys”

Hawthorn East


“We recently moved into our new home. Kaine & and Thomas finished the rooms we wanted to have polished concrete surfaces in a highly professional and prompt manner. Their knowledge and advice were exceptional. Very, very happy with the end result – Perfect! Highly recommend Innovative Polished Concrete!”

Carley & Robert

What Is Polished Concrete? 

Similar to sanding wood, heavy-duty equipment is used to slowly grind down a concrete surface to the required degree of smoothness and gloss.  

What Are the Benefits of Polished Concrete? 

Due to the competitive advantage polished concrete offers over other forms of flooring, retailers, homeowners, educational, big-box stores, and medical establishments are choosing polished concrete as their floor finish. Because of the outstanding value it provides and its ability to compete visually, decorative, polished concrete floors are now the natural choice.

Advantages of Residential Polished Concrete 

  • Longer life-cycle savings: Polished floors are less susceptible to damage than other types of flooring and don’t require replacement.
  • Cost savings: When the slab on grade is used as the final flooring finish, traditional floor surface materials aren’t required.
  • Easy to clean: It won’t gather dirt, dust, or allergens
  • Available in numerous designs and colours

Advantages of Commercial Polished Concrete

  • Resistant to high foot traffic: You can keep your property’s traffic areas mostly clean, saving time and money because you don’t have to move enormous items to strip and wax the floor.
  • Cost savings: It is more cost beneficial to use slab on grade as the finished floor surface because maintenance costs are reduced.
  • High light reflectivity: This is essential for clean, bright, professional hotels, office building floors, restaurants, and other public spaces. It also reduces the need for artificial lighting, which saves energy.
  • Longer service life and less maintenance: Polished floors are simple to keep clean, needing only a damp mopping every now and then. They also eliminate the need for dirty coatings or waxes as well as the effort, time, and cost associated with its application. Polished concrete’s shiny surface repels forklift truck tire marks and discoloration from chemical spills and oil.
  • Sustainable: Hazardous coatings, cleansers, and adhesives aren’t required for polished concrete.

Where Can You Use Polished Concrete? 

You will often find polished concrete in Melbourne in the following places:

  • Retail stores
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouse outlets and large warehouses
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Private residences
  • Auto showrooms

Choose Between a Variety of Design Options

Polished concrete’s smooth, reflecting surface encourages a magnificent array of possibilities for colouring, scoring, and constructing grids, radial lines, borders, bands, and other designs. The most common application for embellishing previously polished concrete is dyes and stains.

You can choose the level of shine — from high-gloss to satin— that matches your aesthetic and maintenance needs when working with Innovative Polished Concrete. Polishing is a multistep procedure; hence, because of its adaptability, polished concrete is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.


Can You Polish All Concrete?

With sufficient preparation, almost any good structural concrete floor, whether new or old, can be polished. There are, nevertheless, certain exceptions.

What Is the Cost of Polished Concrete? 

Polished concrete prices vary by square footage, region, required preparation, design options, and project complexity. Because of the requirement for smaller equipment and tighter locations, the residential cost may be slightly more than commercial.

Is Commercial Flooring Better than Other Options?

Other flooring materials can’t compare to the benefits of polished concrete, especially when it comes to performance, longevity, and sustainability.

Contact Us Today for Polished Concrete Flooring, Melbourne! 

Do you want the ultimate no-wax flooring option? Polished concrete flooring in Melbourne is the solution for you. Concrete polishing contractors can grind old or new concrete surfaces to a high-gloss finish with the right floor grinding experience and equipment.

When you consider concrete’s outstanding performance and durability, it is no surprise that retail, commercial, office buildings, and residential owners are attracted to these high-luster, smooth floors.

Are you ready to bring your dream property to life? Contact Innovative Polished Concrete today at 0460 347 193.

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Innovative Polished Concrete are a small, close-knit team of polished concrete experts with over 15 years of concrete flooring experience, who operate throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

We pride ourselves on experince, quality, service and value.

All work is covered under warranty, and we’re fully insured allowing you to enjoy total peace of mind.


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