Maintaining Polished Concreting in Healesville

As much as polished concrete is durable, they need regular maintenance, especially if they are located in a high-traffic area. Its maintenance process is relatively easy than any other decorative concrete type as they don’t require waxing or sealing. Let’s get started on the basics of cleaning polished concrete floors.

Basic Cleaning of Polished Concrete 

The regular maintenance process includes dusting and mopping the area. Using hot water, try to get rid of grime and dirt accumulated on the surface over time. You can mop as often as need be. Using a cleaner, you can suspend dirt on the surface to make it easier to remove dirt. It’s as simple as that, but it’s imperative to seek services from reputable experts when you want a thorough maintenance service.


Maintenance Services with Innovative Polished Concrete 

The polished concrete will require resealing over time due to wear and tear. You have to try after every two to 10 years, depending on how much traffic the floor is susceptible to. It’s not advisable to leave the floor exposed like that when the sealer comes off, as it will make the grind on the floor come off too.

Overall, the resealing process requires expertise. To reseal a concrete, you’ll need to strip off the existing seal or use the agitation process to seal an area of the polished concrete. We’ll look at the state of your polish before choosing one of the processes. When using the agitation process, we’ll pick an area on the floor, coat a new sealer, and then agitate the area with a chemical-resistant broom before moving to the next area.

On the other hand, the process will ensure that it activates the older sealer to mix the two of them cohesively. The only way to get satisfactory results is by outsourcing our contractors. They’ll ensure your old polished concrete goes back to its original state. Moreover, our team will first treat the troubled areas, and then reseal every other area after the trouble area sealer is dry.

Reputable Experts

The maintenance process is essential and should be in the hands of reputable experts. There’s nothing as bad as destroying polished concrete due to bad resealing. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, this certainly is not a job you want to risk if you don’t wish to destroy your unique polished concrete floors.

To get the best man for the job, you must consider certain factors. It helps you weed out reputed experts from shoddy professionals who are out to reap you off. Look at the years of experience and licensing. You want to outsource someone who knows what they are doing and are legitimate. Additionally, you can look at the innovative technology they have in terms of equipment plus references from previous clients.

Trust Innovative Polished Concrete, the trendsetters of polished concreting in Healesville. Whether you need installation, maintenance, or repair services, trust our esteemed contractors to provide top-notch services. Contact us today at 0460-347-193 for more information and inquiries. We’re just a phone call away.



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