Polished Concrete Wollongong: Get the Concrete Floors You’ve Been Dreaming of

In order to create smooth, appealing flooring, pre-existing concrete surfaces can be ground and polished with diamond-tipped disks. Concrete polishing and concrete grinding have become very popular techniques in recent years.

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern design that is also incredibly durable and requires minimal care, polished concrete floors are quickly gaining appeal in the flooring industry.

With our cutting-edge machinery, Innovative Polished Concrete professionals can polish both new and old concrete in Wollongong and surrounding areas to meet your polished concrete floor needs.

Concrete Polishing

Although concrete doesn’t often evoke images of stunning, visually pleasing places, we almost always use it in the construction of every building.

Interior concrete slabs, which have been consigned to serving as subfloors for a very long time, are typically covered by flooring materials such as carpet, ceramic tiles,  vinyl, or hardwood.

However, why use money and resources to add another layer of flooring when you can just leave the concrete exposed?

When evaluating an overlayment’s lifespan, the procedure entails costly installation, continuous maintenance, and eventually replacement costs, yet in every case, the underlying structural concrete is still intact.

By transforming the real existing concrete into a cost-effective, long-lasting, low-maintenance polished surface with stunning aesthetic appeal, concrete polishing eliminates the need for overlayments.

How Polished Concrete Flooring Works

Why Is it So Shiny?

With the use of diamond-tipped disks, pre-existing concrete surfaces can be quickly and affordably ground and polished to create flooring that is smooth, beautiful, and extremely durable.

Existing slabs may be honed and polished to produce incredibly durable, stain- and scratch-resistant surfaces that are also quite simple to maintain.

You can choose between manual and mechanically polished concrete.

Our specialists begin by removing the top layer of the concrete with rotating diamond-abrasive heads to level the floor and eliminate any deep scratches in order to produce a glossy, smooth surface.

Finer diamond abrasives are gradually used after the initial stage to expose or reveal the aggregate within the (new or old) concrete slab (often starting at 40 grit going up to 3,000 grit).


What Is Considered a Polished Concrete Floor?

Before 400 grit, which is referred to as honed concrete, concrete is generally not considered polished.

Depending on the level of gloss and reflection you want, polished concrete is often completed at either 1,600 or 3,000 grit.

There are classes and finishes for polished concrete; the higher the grade, the bigger the exposed aggregates; the higher the finish, the glossier the polish.

The Process

Sodium silicate is used to harden the concrete during the grinding process to increase its density.

Concrete absorbs the sodium silicate solution, which then fills the pores in the floor.

The calcium hydroxide in the concrete then undergoes a chemical reaction, further fortifying and crystallising the substance.

A highly smooth surface is produced by continuing to grind with successively finer diamonds, which, when finished, also produces a high level of gloss.

The surface will reflect light from the floor rather than having a jagged surface that refracts light.

Given that polishing involves several steps, you can select the sheen to satisfy your aesthetic and maintenance needs, ranging from satin to a matte or high-gloss finish.

Because of its adaptability, polished concrete creates the best flooring for a number of applications.

The Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

A polished concrete floor has the following benefits:

  • Scratch resistance and high wear characteristics

  • Fantastic light and gloss reflectivity

  • Water and oil resistant

  • Polished concrete is extremely affordable

  • Increased hardness and density

  • Allergen friendly

  • Low maintenance costs

Different Applications

Residential Properties

When compared to traditional flooring, polished concrete has several advantages and significant design flexibility.

It can be modified to have the level of gloss you like, ranging from low to high. Additionally, polished concrete may be easily carpeted over, unlike carpet, which will trap dirt and allergens.

Commercial Flooring Applications

We can enhance the appearance of your property and reduce the amount of maintenance work you have to do, whether you have an existing facility or are creating a new one.

Your business can benefit from having a beautiful, high-quality floor that is durable and requires minimal maintenance.


Homeowners and business owners alike can choose the level of shine, from satin to a very high gloss finish, because polishing concrete is a step-by-step procedure.

Innovative Polished Concrete is the solution you need a fantastic flooring solution for a multitude of various places due to its adaptability.

Our polished concrete floors can be found in the following places:

  • Living rooms

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Garages

  • Office buildings

  • Schools

  • Retail stores

Concrete Polishing Options

There are a virtually infinite number of textures, colours, and finishes available when installing a new concrete floor.

The grade of concrete used, the method of pouring, and the polishing procedure all affect the texture and quality of the concrete.

There are various techniques to add colour to concrete, including mixing pigment into wet concrete to produce any desired colour (colored aggregates, such as marbles, stones, and pieces of glass, can also be added), or staining dry concrete using a water- or acid-based stain.

Our Polished Concrete Flooring Services

From a paste polish, where the finished colour is smooth and no aggregate is visible, to a deep polish, where large aggregate is revealed and nearly resembles terrazzo, there are many levels of polished concrete.

Our concrete polishing team offers the following professional services in Wollongong, Australia:

  • Polished concrete – premium finish

  • Surface polish industrial look – premium finish

  • Concrete grinding and sealing

  • Acid etching – premium outdoor finish

  • Epoxy classic – commercial finish

  • Floor preparation and levelling services

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Whether you need concrete grinding, polishing, or painting for your floors, Innovative Polished Concrete is a new-age flooring company offering people an alternative choice so that they don’t have to settle for the boring mill floors to which we have become accustomed to in everyday life.

When it comes to concrete polishing, you want professional floor services that can be done in a flash. Flooring is a vital component in any building; therefore, we don’t compromise quality for speed or vice versa.

We do a thorough floor polishing job using high-quality products at competitive rates. Whether you want stone or tile floors, we can make it happen.

If you’re ready to take your residential floors or commercial project to a new level, contact us at 0460 347 193 for a free quote regarding our concrete polishing services!



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